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What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is a system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education based on the work of Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

In the 1920’s, Dr. Rolf, a biochemist by training, was studying the properties of collagen, a substance that permeates a connective tissue in our bodies called fascia. Because fascia is composed primarily of collagen, it responds to energetic changes. It can be soft and pliable with the capacity to lengthen, or it can be tough, grizzly, hard or rigid. If fascia is healthy and not restricted, it has the property that lets us stretch and move gracefully. If it constricts and becomes stiff it restricts our movements and holds us out of balance. Fascia surrounds and is interwoven into every voluntary muscle in our bodies. It surrounds the major organs and major nerve trunks. There are large planes of fascia in our bodies that are independent of any particular muscle or group of muscles. There is a layer of fascia immediately under our skin. In fact, fascia is found throughout our bodies. Because of its close proximity and relationship to our muscles, we speak of the myofascial system. If there ever was a network, the myofascial system is a network.

Dr. Rolf also noted that we all function in the earth’s gravitational field and are always under its influence. She reasoned that to the extent that the body’ structure is not in alignment with the gravitational force of the earth, a person struggles with that force. Everything we do, every move we make takes more effort as we struggle with gravity. The idea then is to make use of the plasticity of our myofascial system to reorganize our body’s structure so that it is more in harmony with the gravitational field of the earth. This is the goal of Rolfing.

Rolfing organizes our body’s structure to support more effective functioning. Over the years, our bodies react to trauma, both physical and emotional, by shortening and twisting and becoming less flexible. This intensifies our struggle with the force of gravity, which results in reduced freedom of movement, an increased likelihood of chronic pain, poor posture and a lessened sense of aliveness and self-esteem.

During the basic Rolfing series, the Rolfer uses his/her hands and arms to manipulate the client’s myofascial system. This frees up those places where the client's structure is constricted or held out of balance. Directed movements are also called for by the Rolfer to assist in the reorganization of the client’s structure. However, Rolfing is not just a loosening up of tight places in the body. What sets Rolfing apart from deep tissue work or myofascial release is the emphasis in Rolfing of the reorganization of the body through an integration of the various muscle groups and segments in the body. As Dr. Rolf has been quoted, “Any damn fool can take a body apart. The skill is in putting it back together in a manner in which it functions at a higher level.”

In addition to the physical changes of better balance, more freedom of movement, less stress, better posture and less chronic pain, clients report Rolfing affects their emotional, mental and spiritual realms. As they feel more supported by their legs, they view the world from a more secure position. They feel an increased sense of self-esteem, and the energy flow of their body is more opened and balanced. Clients often feel more connected to their universe.



 Chuck Lustfield, Ph.D.
Certified Advanced Rolfer
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